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Online GBV In The gambia #LetsTalkOGBVGambia

Through support from Take Back the Tech, we documented Gambian women’s experiences of Online Gender Based Violence, particularly women politicians, victims of abuse and violence and human rights defenders.

COVID-19 and Women

The COVID-19 pandemic came with a lot of changes and challenges, part of which were as a result of government measures. It was evident that most of these policies and decisions were not designed from a gender and feminist lense. We looked at how women and girls were affected economically, socially and politically across the country and provided some recommendations for dealing with future crises. This project was funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

Ending Workplace Harassment

Women and girls face violence at home, work and other public places, with little public laws and corporate policies available to protect them. We supported Business Support Organisation (BSOs) to build their capacity and develop a framework to create safer workplace cultures and promote equality. Currently, there is a Sexual Offences Act of 2013 that address rape, harasment and violence against women as well as the Women’s Act of 2015 that includes provisions on violence and discrimination against women in the workforce. We collaborated with SHE TRADES, International Trade Centre as an implementing partner for this project.

Other Collaborations

We collaborated with The Women’s Association For Victims’ Empowerment (WAVE) to host community meetings and discuss our report on women and girl’s experiences during COVID-19. These activities were funded through an Advisory Grant from FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund.