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About us


About Equals Now

Equals Now is a feminist collective in The Gambia that was established in 2019 and works on gender equality and women empowerment through radical activism. We bring attention to the challenges women and girls face, by using newer models, strategies and technology applicable to our context. 

Since our inception, we have worked on campaigns to raise awareness on sexual and gender based violence, led online and offline conversations on unconventional topics in the Gambian society, conducted research and fostered movement building initiatives in the Gambia. Equals Now aims to bring new ways of organising in The Gambia advocacy spectrum, that are both inclusive and impactful. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to rethink how advocacy and movements are built, and develop new and inclusive ways of engaging communities. By centering black African women, women living with disabilities and women from poorer backgrounds, we will bring communities together to build a future that is fair and free from violence and oppression for women and girls.

Our Mission

Equals Now positions itself as a lead and champion of inclusive and innovative programming, providing the needed resources and opportunities to promote the liberation of women and girls. We strive to create safe spaces, while being mindful of the complexity and pressures that surround the issues we deal with. We recognise that no single project or organisation can solve all the challenges that our communities face, and that these challenges all work against political, social and economical factors.

Our mission is to build an inclusive and accessible movement that caters to all identities and people by designing collaborative programs that address our multifaceted challenges. We reflected on our journey, work and what the space meant to us. Watch it on Youtube – this video is unfortunately not captioned and we apologise for this.


Culture and Values

We are governed by and operate within feminist principles and ethics of care. We currently operate an open, transparent, no-hierarchy model of working, where all voices and inputs are equal, although sometimes external patriarchal capitalist systems force us to go against this.


Our work is guided by:


We believe in sisterhood and stand in solidarity with all women fighting to end oppression and exploitation all over the world, particularly within the continent


We aim to empower women with information and resources that will enable them make informed choices, flourish and live with dignity


Equality for all people, identities and communities is our driving force and is enshrined in all the work we do


We believe in the development of all women and girls to reach their full potential.

Our Team

We are women-led, and our interests are in shaping equal and inclusive feminist futures. Our team is currently unpaid, but work ever so tirelessly to drive our mission and vision.

Matida Kebbeh

Finance Associate

Matida Kebbeh is a feminist leader and storyteller from The Gambia. Her expertise is in advocacy and movement building around economic and social justice. Matida volunteers with various young-women led organizations focused on ending child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and other harmful traditional practices, and providing solutions using feminist approaches and best practices.

Ngenarr-Yassin Jeng

Organizational Lead

Ngenarr-Yassin is a legal practitioner and communications specialist with a special interest in human rights, social justice and gender issues. She believes in making the world better than she found it which is why she volunteers with social justice projects. She is a 2019 MILEAD Fellow and U.S State Department International Visiting Leader as well as a 2023 She Awards winner.

Fatoumata Buba Bah

Programs Lead

Fatoumata Buba Bah is a dedicated lawyer whose passion extends beyond the courtroom. Fatoumata is not only a skilled legal professional but also a fervent advocate for feminism and the rights of women and children. She tirelessly works to address issues related to gender equality and social justice. Her unwavering dedication to creating a more equitable world reflects in both her professional and community work.

Maimuna Jeng


Maimuna is a radical feminist and communications professional, specialising in strategic communication techniques that bridges gaps between experts and the public. She organises and writes on disability justice, digital rights and poor communities.